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We believe that documentaries work well with both artistic and commercial creation – a good story is a universal medium of content. Our services include video commercials, coverage of events, expeditions, product sessions and interviews.
We offer the highest quality work possible within your budget –
we like to work with minimal equipment and crew required for the task.

Culture, adventure, ecology, climate change, minimalism, awareness – those topics are most interesting for us.

Our passion, experience and preparation allows us to work in difficult conditions.

We are not afraid of wandering around hard to reach places – with our cameras, we walked on the glaciers, climbed the high peaks and entered the ice caves.

We filmed from drones, helicopters, motorboats, jeeps, in the rain, snow and in freezing cold temperatures. We love the challenge!

Along with experience, we gained a network of supporters who make it possible for us to work in unique locations, especially in the countries of the North – Iceland, Faroe Islands, Spitsbergen and Greenland.

We work with a team of filmmakers, photographers, composers, guides, translators and voice-over talent.

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Our latest release

Together in isolation: The lockdown of the Faroe Islands (Documentary, 2020)

For almost one hundred days the Faroe Islands – a small and isolated Atlantic nation – were under the initial lockdown, struggling together to avoid fatal consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Faroe Islands are one of the few countries that dealt with the COVID-19 epidemic in a quick and efficient way. Thanks to a sense of collective responsibility and swift action, the Faroese avoided tragic consequences which could befall such a small and isolated population. To this day, no fatalities due to the virus have been reported, and the number of infected inhabitants didn’t exceed 200 people.

Kuba Witek, the film’s director, got „stuck” on the Faroe Islands during the initial lockdown. He used this opportunity to document the struggles of this small nation in their fight against a global threat.

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ICE MOTION (Documentary, 2019)

How is the Arctic changing in the age of a global warming? Is it possible to adapt to these changes? Why do we need to listen to scientists?

These are very topical questions that this documentary is trying to answer.
Jakub Witek, the filmmaker, accompanies scientific expedition to western Spitsbergen during fieldwork and works conducted on the R/V Oceania vessel and Magnus Zaremba polar yacht. Researchers observed arctic glaciers, which react quickly to changing climatic conditions. They are also looking for any organisms that appear in places from which the glacier withdrew to understand the processes associated with global warming.

The film takes viewers into the melting Arctic and lets them explore the beauty of its changing landscape during the warmest Summer ever. And all this with the accompaniment of beautiful, immersive music.

Partners: Polish Institute of Oceanology PAN in Sopot, University of Klaipeda, Lithuania
Media: Greenpeace, Polish Academy of Science, The Polish Polar Consortium, Polar Task Force, TVN24, TVP, Gazeta Wyborcza, naTemat.pl, Onet, Noizz.pl, Radio Kielce

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FAROE WAY: The art of survival in the Faroe Islands (Documentary, 2018)

A documentary story about the inhabitants of the Faroe Islands, their struggles with difficult living conditions, clashes with nature, ocean, climate, isolation and hunger. It’s also a history of a struggle for the survival of Faroese – a language which is used only by nearly 80,000 people today. The story of a state whose origins come from small communities of isolated villages, and whose urban solutions are now a model for the rest of the world. In 2019 FAROE WAY was aired on the Faroe Islands national public television – Kringvarp Føroya.

Partners: Atlantic Airways, Visit Faroe Islands, Kringvarp Føroya
Media: National Geographic, Polish National Radio, Virtual Poland,
Gazeta Wyborcza

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ISOLAND: Icelandic stories of Polish immigrants (Documentary, 2017)

A documentary about Poles who came to Iceland in different years and moments of life, but today they call the island their home. Meet the „ISOLAND” heroes living in Iceland, from the distant Stöðvarfjörður in the east, to the capital of the country – Reykjavík. They have different interests, views and professions, but they have one thing in common – love for a lonely island in the middle of the great ocean.

Awards: Grand Prix of MediaTravel FIlm Festival 2017,
Best Debut EMIGRA FIlm Festival 2017 Berlin, Chicago, Lviv, Vilnus, Warsaw
Partners: Polish Embassy in Reyjkavik, IcePol Car Rental, Iceland News Poland
Media: National Geographic, Polish National Radio,  TVP Polonia, Wirtualna Polska, Bankier.pl, naTemat.pl

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